Innovative Ideas to Transform New Medication Launches: A Case Study and Panel Discussion

Launching a new medication in a complex disease state is fraught with complications that can impact medication adherence. New medications that can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life and overall health can present significant side effects that often lead patients to abandon treatment. When patients are faced with a life-threatening disease, unexpected or misunderstood side effects from medication can trigger fear that the medication is having an adverse effect, or worsening their condition.

In this webinar we’ll discuss innovative and best-in-practice approaches to new drug launches that explore the art, science, and psychology to treatment and medication adherence. Join this incredible panel of industry experts and thought leaders with decades of experience in innovative drug launches. We’ll explore the complexities and opportunities for life science companies to deliver new programs that achieve positive outcomes – for patients and their care teams.

During this webinar our panelists will review a special case study of a highly successful patient engagement program that combined nurse support with text-based communication, leading to over 34% engagement and averaging 14 minutes per session. This innovative program helped patients successfully navigate the side effects of treatment and stay adherent on life extending therapy. The industry benchmarks for patient engagement and adherence are being redefined by such programs.


Meet the thought leaders

Avatar for Eugene Borukhovich

Eugene Borukhovich

Chairman & COO, YourCoach.Health
Avatar for Christopher DiCostanzo

Christopher DiCostanzo

VP, Client Relations, OptimizeRx
Avatar for Mary Anne Greenberg

Mary Anne Greenberg

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Diligent Health Solutions
Avatar for Rebecca Love RN, MSN, FIEL

Rebecca Love RN, MSN, FIEL

Chief Clinical Officer, IntelyCare


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