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60 min

Learning Together: Frontline HCP Communication During COVID-19

  We continue tackling the challenges and potential solutions for frontline healthcare providers (HCPs) facing the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll discuss how healthcare leaders are maximizing the power of digital tools like the EHR to provide better care for more patients.

Learning Together: Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

  A practical conversation with some of nursing’s brightest minds and leading organizations, answering the question: How can healthcare organizations navigate the particular challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic?

CDC Coronavirus Alerts at the Point-of-Care: The Power of EHR Platform Communications

It’s been 100 years since we’ve had a potential outbreak of this level, but we now have technology that we didn’t back then. Join us as we discuss how OptimizeRx is leveraging the power and reach of its EHR network to communicate vital information to front-line staff as they monitor the evolution an...

30 min

Improving Adherence Via Interactive Messaging

The barriers to successful therapy adherence are numerous, including treatment affordability, confusing therapy regimens, unexpected side effects, and more.

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