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How Advanced Is Your Digital Market Access Strategy? Take the Quiz.


Are your digital resources working toward your market access goals? Take this short quiz to benchmark your digital market access strategy and discover how to advance your approach.



Take the Quiz:

Complex access pathways mean that providers may not always be able to start patients on your therapy—even if it’s their preferred treatment choice. Savvy pharma companies are embracing digital resources that ease patient onboarding, reduce provider time and effort, and lower prescribing and fulfillment barriers—improving both patient access to and the provider experience with their brand.

For maximum success in today’s competitive pharma market, your brand must be easily accessible to patients as well as their providers. That means creating the digital access and convenience that consumers demand and that professionals count on. Here are the three pillars of market access digital maturity.

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About OptimizeRx


OptimizeRx supports positive patient outcomes by helping people start and stay on therapy. Our Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform connects doctors and patients to critical life sciences resources at the point-of-care, during the most relevant, effective times along the patient journey. We offer the most intelligent commercial execution platform on the market and deliver the widest variety of turnkey solutions to solve engagement, access and adherence challenges.