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Plan and Execute Top Performing Programs throughout the OptimizeRx Network of HIT partners

The OptimizeRx platform provides the business intelligence you need to plan and execute point-of-care programs that succeed.

It all starts with identifying and understanding your targeted prescribers and patients. Then evaluating where they connect throughout our vast network of EHR, eRx, and hospital and health system network. This clarity sets the foundation to point-of-care programs that raise awareness and accelerate adoption.

And our sales execution services integrates and aligns your point-of-care programs with Sales and Account teams.

Your brand needs to be in the EHR before it can be prescribed.

The EHR impacts every aspect of prescribing; so it’s critical to know the EHRs of your targeted physicians.

The OptimizeRx network of EHR and other technology Partners can ensure your brand is integrated and available in your target physician’s clinical workflow. And our network can deliver the communications and support programs that matter most to physicians, their staff, and their patients.

90% of physicians are using computers and using them over 6 hours a day.

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Keep your Sales and Account teams focused on delivering key messages and meeting customer needs.

EHR competency is critical in today’s EHR enabled healthcare. When your Sales and Account Teams have foundational EHR knowledge they are more relevant to providers and better meet customer needs.

The OptimizeRx team are EHR experts. We can train your organization on all aspects of the EHR and raise your EHR competency.

We also provide one-on-one EHR and e-prescribing trouble shooting through a simple, technology enabled process. Your sales and account teams can submit a ticket from their mobile device and connect directly with an EHR expert.

This relieves your Sales and Account Teams from understanding the intricacies of EHRs. And gives your Providers the service they need to easily prescribe your brand and create an exceptional brand experience.



The digital landscape continues to change. Connect with the platform that's connected to your key healthcare audience. 

Contact us today to see how the HIT Network Optimization services like Brand EHR Audits, our Network Helpdesk, Target EHR Identification, TPPO,  and custom Network Education can help you plan and execute top performing point-of-care programs.

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OptimizeRx can help you plan and execute point-of-care programs
In 2018, 77% of NRx were e-prescribed through EHR systems

Registering brands in EHRs can be a lengthy and confusing process.

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