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Drive HCP Engagement by Aligning Clinically-Relevant Content with Preferred Channels

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What You’ll Learn from the Data


Direct insights into physician channel preferences, including digital media, sales reps and more


Types of information physicians said they want more (and less) of


When brand information is most relevant in the patient care journey


The role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in directing information timing and channel delivery

The Importance of a Data-driven Omnichannel Approach

We surveyed 123 physicians across six medical specialties, and found HCPs are actively seeking clinical-relevant information across a wider range of channels than most marketers might assume – and that key information gaps still exist, which could impact prescribing choices.

Discover why AI-enabled, omnichannel programs drive better clinical engagement by meeting physicians where they are actively seeking brand content


About Our Research

OptimizeRx partnered with REACH, an independent research company, to conduct quantitative primary market research with 123 U.S. physicians between February 25 and March 3 of 2023. Respondents included dermatologists (n=20), endocrinologists (n=20), cardiologists (n=20), primary care physicians (n=20), oncologists (n=23) and neurologists (n=20).


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