Join our Pharma USA workshop—improving the patient journey through AI

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Location: Philadelphia, PA

You can also visit our booth to discover how the OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation and Persistence platform helps brands improve patient and provider experiences throughout the care journey by:

  •  Increasing the value and relevance of HCP engagement  
  • Streamlining therapy access post-prescription 
  • Improving patient adherence and support 

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Unlock the power of AI and real-world data to increase the relevance and impact of brand communications throughout the patient journey.

AI and real-world data are shaping up to be this year’s pharma marketing buzzwords—and with good reason. There are ample ways these innovative tools are used in pharma industry, but brand teams often struggle to identify where they have the most impact or execute successful AI programs.  

Discover how your brand team can harness the power of AI and real-world data in an effective and impactful way. Don’t miss our collaborative, hands-on workshop at Pharma USA where you’ll learn:  

  • Why AI and real-world data are such powerful tools to target brand communications 
  • The difference-maker use cases where AI and real-world data have the most impact 
  • How to give your brand a competitive advantage by anchoring your AI strategy in the patient care journey 
  • An accessible approach for analyzing your brand journey and developing an AI strategy

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