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Searching for Ways to Streamline the Specialty Prescribing Workflow for your Brand?

Despite market access teams’ best efforts to
negotiate favorable payer coverage terms for their brands, HCPs face numerous barriers when trying to start patients on their preferred specialty therapy. These challenges can include: 

  • Uncertainty about patient benefit coverage 
  • Prior authorizations or other admin requirements 
  • Limited pharmacy distribution networks 

These access barriers can have a significant impact on physicians’ prescribing decisions. In fact, our research shows that 53% of physicians reported changing their treatment plan for 25% or more of their patients due to access challenges.  

The good news is that specialty brands with complex prescribing workflows or disadvantaged access positions can streamline therapy initiation and accelerate patient start on therapy with OptimizeRx’s innovative digital solutions:  

  • OptimizeRx eEnrollment technology allows HCPs to quickly access, complete, and submit required forms electronically. This submission automatically triggers benefits identification, verification, patient consent, financial assistance, and hub enrollment.  
  • The OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation Workflow takes the burden out of the prior authorization (PA) and specialty fulfillment process by guiding HCPs through the PA process, automatically triaging completed forms, and providing transparency into approval and script issue.  
  • OptimizeRx Formulary and Preferred Pharmacy Alerts deliver targeted communications to HCPs about your brand’s updated formulary status or pharmacy distribution network, overcoming two common prescribing and fulfillment barriers.  

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If you’re planning to attend Hub and Specialty Pharmacy Models West, don’t miss our session,
Frustrated by Prior Authorizations? You’re Not the Only One – Here’s What Could Help 

During the talk, you’ll hear from our SVP of Access & Adherence, Karina Castagna, as she shares how a digital strategy can facilitate brand access by emphasizing awareness and strengthening stakeholder communication.  

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