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Location: Las Vegas, NV

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Searching for Ways to Improve HCP Engagement within the EHR?

Life science companies face many different hurdles in adapting their market access strategies for a virtual world: access barriers, inefficient HCP communication, and a lack of true omnichannel reach. These challenges can have a significant impact on physicians’ prescribing decisions and patients’ adherence to therapy paths.

To overcome these barriers and enable greater market access, a centralized digital strategy is needed. Our end-to-end technology platform, The OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform, connects providers and patients to life sciences-sponsored treatment information and support—at the moments when it is needed most.

Life science brands can streamline HCP communication and be present beyond the point-of-care with OptimizeRx’s innovative digital solutions:

  • OptimizeRx utilizes RWD and AI-driven tools to deliver relevant, actionable information for providers and patients within the EHR with timely automated messaging. Our data-driven approach promotes seamless communication between life science brands, providers, and patients.
  • OptimizeRx digital solutions provide true omnichannel reach within the EHR, online and beyond the firewalls at the majority of US health systems, and across social networks, giving your brand an expanded presence and fully integrated communication.
  • OptimizeRx provides access to 700K+ HCPs through our network of 300+ EHR partners, representing 60% of US healthcare providers and 90% of hospital systems.

With integrated, digital solutions, life science companies can support the full care journey: from increased brand awareness, to streamlined market access, to ongoing patient adherence.

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